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Wessler Law Firm is a small, locally owned, family business that has been specializing in bankruptcy law on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for over 40 years.


Unlike many bankruptcy attorneys who maintain a large staff and handle a large volume of cases, we concentrate on the quality of the representation; not the quantity of cases.


Because we do not employ a large staff, our overhead is low, which allows us to charge rates that are usually well below those charged by larger firms.


We handle all of our cases personally and are always available to take calls and questions from clients.

Bankruptcy Services

Wessler Law Firm represents both individual and business debtors in bankruptcy cases under all chapters of the Bankruptcy Code.


We also represent creditors such as banks, finance companies and mortgage companies. In addition to this, we have represented bankruptcy trustees and creditor committees.


The experience of representing both creditors and debtors over the years gives us a distinct advantage over attorneys who have only worked on one side of the fence. This experience gives us valubale insight into what the other side is thinking.  


We handle cases under all chapters of the Bankruptcy Code:



Other Practice Areas:

In addition to our bankruptcy practice, we have extensive experience in collections, reaffirmations, replevins, foreclosures, and evictions.

Contact Us


228 - 863 -3686


Wessler Law Firm

P.O. Box 175

Gulfport, MS 39502



Wessler Law Firm
1624 24th Avenue

Gulfport, MS 39501



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